As stated in our mission statement;
“Living to model and promote, as far as  possible, a balanced approach to life, in order to inspire and empower the less-privileged and under-served individuals and communities to live up to their full potential

is the noble reason for you and me donating our  time, money and other resources to make  just a little difference.

As a non-profit organization with  a mission to inspire and  empower individuals and communities, we feel obligated  and commissioned to  provide some safe haven for our underprivileged and orphaned-teenagers – especially in the inner cities  of the developed world, and the vulnerable unemployed rural youth in the developing world.  These youth  in the informal settlements, who often lack facilities, resources and guidance  to help them engage in various income generating activities deserve better. Besides promoting their socio-economic status,our  deliberate actions will enhance the emotional and  physical well being, while sharpening the academic, vocational, and other essential life skills.  These are  necessary avenues through which we will  prepare and empower these youth for  success  in their personal lives  and in their communities.

Nairobi city, for instance, has earned herself,  for a long time, a  reputation of being a tough city with a good share of problems akin to many urban centers -especially the mega cities of the world. It is mostly  bedeviled  by too much  crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancy and  school drop outs. But, the good news is that, this is gradually changing due to  the concerted efforts of all the stake holders of BALM and the likes.  With the  support of our highly esteemed conscientious and  large-hearted  individuals, BALM International is determined to play its proportionate share of roles, as a crucial agent of change and transformation among individuals and our communities.
Though still having a long way to go,  we can pause to appreciate our little progress.

These days instead of seeing throngs of kids hanging out on street corners with nothing to do – but engage in illicit activities, you might see kids enjoying all sorts of gainful engagements, such  as various sporting activities during evening hours and weekends. They jump and yell across the fields taking great  pride in  their well organized games – cordially shaking hands at the end of each match. All these are  done within the  paradigms of a balanced life style, where doing extraneous  physical activity  usually follows  rigorous mental activities or vice versa,with the help of tutors and mentors sponsored by BALM international – incredible indeed.
There is therefore a growing need for  programs , especially among the  high-risk youth in low-income neighborhoods, that could  provide adequate after school hours activities and support  for  children throughout the school term. Children and teens in poor neighborhoods  often  yearn for direction and opportunities, which could keep them safe and divert them from participating illicit activities such as use of narcotics, sniffing of petrol, and alcoholism. In short, teaching high-risk, inner-city youth the skills to become successful in life is our core top priority as an organization.

The four major components of our programs include:

  1. Supporting student in homework through tutoring, mentoring and use of computer labs
  2. Promoting  total wellness through prevention of diseases, balanced diet,nutrition and  healthful  life-styles,
  3. Teaching of life skills as an  integrated curriculum  throughout all phases of the program,
  4. Involving the participation of both boys and  girls  in various physical fitness and mental  activities such that they  may become all-rounded responsible adults.
    Our organization has been  fortunate to have a team of able and dedicated volunteers, who are determined and willing to offer programs aimed at imparting multifaceted  skills among the children, besides enhancing the conventional  academic skills.  The volunteers often play  an active role in helping  slow-learners complete their homework in order to keep pace with  their class mates.These include helping students learn how to use computers, improve on  their keyboarding skills and  how to use the computers  as research tools.
    It is therefore our  earnest appeal to all our well-wishers and all men and women of  conscience, to compassionately  support us  as  we continue to make  our small difference in our small way. We will  also sincerely seek your organization’s support as we address the serious  financial bottle necks that  have often slowed down our projected progress


Current projects:

1. In the process of sponsoring  4 talented orphans to Karora National High school, Thika technical  and Gusii Institute of technology  in Kenya.

2. In the course of constructing  and developing  residential centers of excellence and home for the orphans and  professionals at  Nyamira,  Kisii and Kajiado counties in Kenya.

3. Planning to  sponsor some  professionals: specialized counselors, trainers/tutors, mentors, etc. and shipping of some  appropriate equipment, materials, books, etc., to begin with the Voluntourism Initiative Concept, by  Dec 27,2016 – January 28 2017.

4. To sponsor, as soon as funds are available, some vocational training, in Agribusiness, starting with good practices and ethics of successful business management. While  embracing environmental sustainability ideals, we will help starting small business enterprises,as we  identify and recruit especially talented orphans in  special areas such as: sports, music,