Balanced Approach to Life Mission (BALM) International.

An International not-for-profit organization, which endeavors to identify, develop, nurture and optimize the use of talents and opportunities among individuals and communities. We assist all who are willing to use what (the little/much) they have to address and overcome, sustainably, their socio-economic, health, environmental circumstances (challenges), etc.  to reach their  full potential  for the good of all stake holders.

This charitable organization was incorporated in New Jersey, USA in 2008, but has local, regional and international Mission, Goals, Strategies and Initiatives.

Mission Statement (Preamble):

Living to model and promote, as far  possible, a balanced approach to life, in order to inspire and empower the less-privileged and under-served individuals and communities to live up to their full potential.


To identify, nurture, improve, mobilize to utilize
individual and collective talents and natural endowments for
the good of many.


These objectives will be achieved through honest self-examination and heart-searching rediscovery of all stake holders. Urging them to freely share their experiences, likes and dislikes (thus inventorying their natural endowments, talents and inclinations), as they strive to attain the highest level of excellence in personal development, integrity and self-discipline.

With help of experts, to sponsor,facilitate and  monitor the progress, as far as possible, of the self- scrutinizing and  self-awareness exercises, to improve on and optimize the use of local and regional resources and expertise. Theses will be attained  through regular workshops, seminars and forums focusing on  various initiatives and themes, such as highlighted bellow and beyond.

Projects and Programs (Initiatives):

A. Illiteracy eradication or reduction  and improvement of educational standards – by encouraging and sponsoring continuing education programs for adults, starting  local or regional news media networks, such as  weekly newsletter regional radio and TV stations, etc., initiating after school
academic coaching for slow learners, introducing monetary
and non-monetary awards to top achieving students, teachers and schools and providing mobile library projects.

B. Poverty reduction if not eradication – by initiating and
sponsoring sustainable and well monitored small scale modern economic  enterprises using locally available resources, and talent, such as micro-financing, cooperative movements, etc.

C. Health and wellness promotion- by sponsoring hands-on
seminars and workshops on balanced family life, primary
health care and disease prevention through life style
changes, including mental health, nutrition, balanced diet
and exercise. Use mobile health monitoring and disease
preventing clinics using locally available natural resource.

D. Environmental  conservation, protection and optimization initiatives, which include  creating awareness and  promoting sustainable use of  resources at all levels.

  • By  sponsoring  and facilitating  the identification  and inventorying of local and regional resources as well as  finding alternative-resources.
  • Also, by involving the relevant stake holders  to mobilize and monitor the judicious utilization of renewable resources such as: human population, capacity building, biodiversity, solar, air, wind, water, soil, etc.


Other strategic initiatives to be developed include:
E. Ecodiplomacy
F. Ecotourism